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Levi LaClair
Levi LaClair
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As an interpreter you are able to associate your account (email address) with more than one Language Service Company (LSC). We recommend using to log in rather than the branded URLs of your LSC(s). However, you will still be able to accept calls from multiple LSC's regardless of which URL you use. 

Many features are unified for interpreters:

  • Appointments are shown on one calendar
  • The caller will ring for all LSC's for which you are available to take calls (you can be available for more than one Language Company at the same time)
  • Your personal profile (name, photo, phone number) will be the same across all of the companies you work with, so you only need to fill it out once.

Some features are not unified, namely, Invoicing and Logs. The LSC name in the screen's top-right corner is the current active LSC. This is the company for which you can view logs and invoices. To toggle between LSC's, hover your mouse over the person icon/profile photo at the top right of your Dashboard, and select LSCs from the drop-down menu:

This will open a list of LSCs associated with your account. From this page you can set which LSCs you want to accept calls for:

From this screen, you can also click into an individual LSC to set it as the active LSC. A second screen will pop up asking you to confirm. Once confirmed, you can review the logs or create an invoice for that specific company.

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