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The very first view a requester will see when they log in is the Dashboard.  The Overview provides a snapshot of both current usage and the status of upcoming scheduled appointments.  The Logs tab allows for real time access to a complete and detailed usage reports and can be filtered as needed.


A Requester Admin has the ability to create appointments and can also view all previously scheduled, completed and in progress assignments.  

Once an appointment has been created, click the record to open the Appointment Viewer and find further details about the appointment.  Requestor Admins can see all appointment viewers, and requestors can see all appointment viewers for appointments they are participating in.


The first section of the Admin Configuration tab is the Admin’s profile.  Here the admin can change their email, reset their password and access the IVR number for OPI.  In the Company tab, the Requestor Admin can update details for the company.

Requester Admins can add users and other administrators in the corresponding tabs of the Configuration section.  


To learn more, please contact your account manager and schedule a training session.

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