Compatability and Limitations

Austen Brockman
Austen Brockman
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Interpreter Limitations: 

  • Calls will not be routed to interpreters using mobile devices.
  • Interpreters will not have the ability to use virtual backgrounds.
  • Interpreters will not be able to see a“live-mode” screen share. (Regular screen sharing is supported.)

In the caller: 

  • Chat is not supported. 
  • The "End Call" button is not available; the call must be ended by removing the interpreter from the meeting. See: Ending an Interpretation Session in Teams
  • Dial-out functionality to additional parties is not supported. Instead, this must be done from the Teams application. 
  • No VRI to OPI rollover (This may be added later).

App Availability:

  • The Boostlingo On-Demand Teams App is only available in the Apps menu. The Teams Apps menu is only available for Scheduled meetings.
  • Free and Personal Teams plans are not Supported. 
  • Impromptu Teams calls are not supported. 

Login Options: 

  • Only Email/Password or Microsoft SSO is supported.
  • To use other login methods, please login in a separate tab in the same browser window. 

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