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Quinn Bott
Quinn Bott
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Boostlingo has implemented call recording.

In order to turn this on, we would like you to fill out this form stating you understand the terms and conditions. Please read the following terms before signing the agreement:

Only the administrator is authorized to request call recording. By signing this agreement you recognize your call rates will increase by $0.01/Min. for 60 days of call recording and $0.02/Min. for 90 days of call recording.

To process call recording, Boostlingo requires 48 business hours to activate the feature after submission of the form. By signing this agreement Boostlingo Customer agrees to allow the Boostlingo Vendor Quality team at Boostlingo monitor and listen in to any recorded calls for quality assurances


Please allow 48 business hours for your request to be processed and for call recording to be turned on.

By signing below, you agree to all the terms and conditions of Boostlingo Call Recording Policy referenced here:

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