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Mike Ducusin
Mike Ducusin
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Appointment Approval requires requestor account administrators to approve appointments created by requestors before broadcasting takes place.  The appointment will not be visible to the LSC admin until the requestor admin has approved it.

Enable this feature at the system-level, then override at the account level if needed.  To change the setting, click on Appointment Approval


Select the appropriate configuration.



How it works

First, a Requestor creates an appointment.  The status will show Draft Approval.


Next, the Requestor Admin will see the Draft Approval appointment on their dashboard.  Click the appointment to open the Appointment Viewer and edit or approve.

Once the Requestor Admin has approved the appointment, it will show up for the LSC admin in their dashboard and calendar.  From there, the appointment will follow the normal process for broadcasting based on the account settings.



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