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Levi LaClair
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In addition to the Standard Roles available within the Boostlingo platform, Custom Roles can be created to further refine what features administrators have access to and provide a better understanding of their job responsibilities. You can assign a unique name to each role and define which components of the platform administrators who are assigned the role will be able to view or manage.

This article contains instructions for creating a Custom Role. For more information about what each Permission controls, see this article: Custom Roles - Permissions List

How to create a Custom Role

1. Log into the Boostlingo platform as an LSC Administrator.

2. Select the Configuration module within the left-side menu in the platform.

3. Click on the Company tab, then select Roles from the drop-down menu.

4. Click the ‘Add Role’ button - either the LSC Admin Role or Requestor Admin Role. 

5. Give the role a unique name and set the permissions that will be available for administrators who are assigned this role.

6. For each item, choose which level of access you want users in this role to have: View, Manage, or None. 

7. Click Save. You have now created a custom role for your organization!

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