Inviting Participants

Levi LaClair
Levi LaClair
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After the Appointment is created, the next step is to invite participants. Key points:

  • In the Overview tab of Appointment Viewer, invitees will be divided into 2 sections: Interpreter and Other Participants
  • To add Participants click “+ Add”

  • This will open a new dialog where all users with matching permissions will be shown

  • You can filter users by role and availability or search by name, phone or email
  • Only 1 interpreter can be invited
  • Any amount of trainers (other participants) can be invited, but only up to 3 can be confirmed
  • To invite participants - check the checkboxes next to each user and click Add Participants

When users are invited - an email notification will automatically be sent (those are optional and configurable). See the article "Appointment Notifications" for more details.

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