Scheduled Call Flow (Training)

Levi LaClair
Levi LaClair
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Each participant will see a list of appointments for Today in the caller.

To open the caller, click on the phone icon at the top right menu -> caller will open at the bottom right side of the screen.

Switch to the “Scheduled” tab in the caller to see the list of appointments for today. From this view you will be able to Join the upcoming appointment. 



Candidate call flow

If the candidate is the first participant to join, the “Meeting hasn’t started” screen will be shown until one of the role players joins the meeting.


When one of the other participants joins, the candidate's screen changes to “Please wait, the meeting host will let you in shortly”.


Any of the other participants can admit the candidate into the meeting. When a candidate is admitted, they are moved to the Active Participants list and can see/hear other participants immediately.


Other participants’ call flow

If a role player is the first participant to Join, the conference window is opened immediately and the user is in the Active Participants list by default. The caller will show “Waiting for other participants...:”


When a candidate joins, a user needs to admit them:




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