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Appointment Tags: Training is not available to all accounts, please speak to your Account Manager for more information.


Appointment tags for the Training Module can be created by configuring a policy. LSC Administrators and Custom LSC admins with Appointments module = Manage will have the ability to create.  The Training List Policy consists of a group of tags that can be used on training appointments. Appointment Type must = Training to use those tags.

Uses for Appointment Tags: Training

  • label or group training appointments
  • for invoicing purposes (create an invoice that contains only training appointments with the desired tags)

Create or View Appointment Tags: Training

Navigate to Configuration > Company > Customize > List Management


Click the Appointment Tag: Training tab to view the Training Appointment Tags policy.  Click the policy to view/edit the list of tags.


In the policy, add tags by clicking +Add New List Item and adding a name (and optional description).  Click an existing tag to edit the name or description.  Click Reorder near the top right to change the order of the tags.


Apply Tags to an Appointment

Root LSC admins and Custom LSC admins with Appointments permissions set to 'Manage' can add tags to training appointments in any status. (View more information about Admin permissions in this article: Roles – Custom Roles)

Navigate to an Appointment Viewer.  In the top menu, click Select Appointment Tags and choose the desired tags from the dropdown, then click on the checkmark to confirm.  Multiple tags can be added.  To remove a tag, click the existing tags and click the X next to the tag. 


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