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If there are locations that you will be using frequently in on-site appointments you have the ability to save those appointments inside of an individual account. 


To view and add Saved Locations you'll want to navigate to the Account Viewer for that account by clicking on Members > Accounts > then the account itself. 



Once you are in the Account Viewer for the account you will see existing saved locations on the right side of the screen. Here you have options to add new locations and edit or remove existing locations. 


When you select +Add to add a location you will have the option to add an address and to name that location. The mapping itself is provided through Google Maps.  


Please note that you are also able to save locations while creating an on-site appointment by choosing the location and checking the box to save to locations for Account. 


You can also choose from a dropdown of previously saved locations when creating an appointment by clicking on the location pin next to the address box. 


When viewing appointment details in different areas both on the platform and in notification emails your audience will see the location name as long as they have access to see the full location per the privacy settings for their role. 


You have the ability as an admin to restrict input to the Appointment Location Field to only locations verified by Google Maps.

To manage this setting at the LSC level go to Configuration > Company > Appointments > Restrict Appointment Locations. 


  • When Off requesters will be able to input any text they would like into the location field.
  • When On requesters will need to select the location from the options supplied by Google Maps or saved to the account manually. 

You can also manage this setting at the account level by opening the account viewer for that account and going to appointments > restrict appointment locations. Changes made at the account level will override the LSC settings for that account. 


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