Tetiana Tymonina
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New Flags for BPIN Routing
New BPIN routing flags: CA-based and USCIS for more compliance needs . These work just like the US-based flag you know, but with an extra layer of customization for your specific needs.
Appointment Watcher Notifications: Focused and Relevant
As an LSC Admin, drown out the noise and get notifications that matter. We’ve fine-tuned our system so you only get alerts for appointments in your book of business.
Clicking Made Simpler for Multi-Account Requestors
Quality of life improvements to simplify requests for appointments giving you quicker access to the accounts you work with the most.

Other Enhancements and Tweaks

  • Crowd Routing Flag Defaults: We’ve updated our approach with the Crowd Routing Flag, setting it to OFF for new interpreters as a standard. The Language Access Department will continue its regular audit process to ensure appropriate permissions are in place.
  • Zoom with HIPAA Support: Secure HIPAA-compliant calls are now a reality with improved Boostlingo-Zoom integration.
  • Personalized Support Tools: Our team can now reset individual user login methods, streamlining access and reducing the need for development intervention.
  • Coviu Collaboration:  Calls placed through the Coviu integration for our Australian partners can now be routed to BPIN interpreters.

As always, several bugs have been addressed and resolved in this release for an improved user experience.




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