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The first account registered as a Language Agency will be considered a root admin and have maximum administrative permissions: ability to invite requestor companies and interpreters, promote interpreters to administrators, accept calls, create appointments, etc. 

This is the only account that will be registered through invitation from the Boostlingo team. All other accounts need to be invited by either an interpreter administrator or a requestor administrator. 

Steps to make after first registration:

1. Invite your team of interpreters

Navigate to Members > Interpreters. Click Invite your team:


2. After the interpreter accepts the invitation set language and service type permissions: 

  • Navigate to Members > Interpreters.
  • Select the interpreter account you wish to update - Interpreter Viewer will be opened.
  • Click the Permissions tab.
  • Set Communication type, Language pair, and Service type. 


Interpreters will not be able to accept calls and participate in appointments before the permissions are set by the LSC admin.

Note: LSC Adminstrators are not able to edit interpreter names, email addresses, or other profile information. 

3. Invite your Requestor Accounts 

Navigate to Members > Accounts. Click Invite Account:


Each (requestor) account is a company account managed by a requestor administrator. Each requestor account can have its own team of requestors that can be invited to the Account. E.g. The (requestor) account can be a hospital that has several doctors and nurses as requestors.

4. Accept trial call 

All LSC administrators can also accept calls as an interpreter. In Trial mode, all calls are supported until at least one permission is manually set. (After that, you must set Communication type, Language pair, and Service type permissions for the LSC Admin to be able to accept a call.)

To accept a call: Open the caller by clicking the phone icon at the top navigation bar. Click on the circle to go online. Place a call from a requestor or requestor admin account, and answer as the LSC admin.

Interpreter Account Setup

1. Click Accept Invitation button in the invitation email from your LSC.

2. Complete your interpreter account registration and click Create Account.

3. Log into your newly created account. Complete the required profile information in the "Complete Your Profile" popup.

4. Go to Configuration > My Profile and update your profile with additional information.


5.  Make sure that your LSC admin has set the right permissions.  To check this information, go to My Profile -> scroll down to the Permissions section. Interpreters will not be able to accept calls or participate in appointments before permissions are set by the LSC admin.



Requestor Administrator Account Setup

1. Click Accept Invitation button in the invitation email from your LSC.

2. Complete your requestor admin account registration and click Create Account.

3. Log into your newly created account and complete the required information in the "Complete Your Profile" popup: upload your picture, fill in your name, and add a default service type and native language.

  • Information that you will enter in Default Service Type and Native Language fields will be pre-populated for you in the caller app when placing the call.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows you to access interpretation services via GSM. You don’t have to have a computer or mobile device and be connected to the internet in order to use it. Simply dial the number and service code from a landline phone.

5. Place a trial call as a requestor

A requestor admin can also be a requestor and can place a call. Requestors don’t have to have any set permissions to place a call.

To place a call: Open the caller by clicking a phone icon at the top navigation bar. Select a language pair and Service type, audio/video, and click Call.


6. Invite your team of requestors

Navigate to Members > Users. Click Invite Your Team.


Requestor Account Setup

Requestor accounts look almost the same as the Requestor Admin account. The main differences are:

  1. Invitation for account registration comes from the Requestor Admin.
  2. Requestors have no access to other requestors or admin accounts, and no ability to invite them.

 Important Notes:

  • Do not log in to different accounts in the same browser. Always log out before trying another role.
  • Email address that is used for inviting interpreters / requestors should be unique and can not be used more than once.

If at any point you will need additional assistance, feel free to contact your account manager or our support team at

Downloading the Mobile Apps

  • Android for all users:

InterpretManager - Apps on Google Play

  • iOS for Interpreters:

Boostlingo for Interpreters on the App Store (

  • iOS for requestors: 

Boostlingo on the App Store

InterpretManager on the App Store (white-labeled version)


Note that before you start using the app, accounts should be created in the WEB version.

From mobile apps you will be able to:

  • Place and receive audio and video calls
  • View Past and Future Appointments
  • Access Call Logs
  • Change basic personal information


White Labelling

White Labeling can be set from Interpreter Administrator account (both root admin and invited/promoted admin).

  • Go to Configuration > Branding (Contact your Account Manager if you don't have the Branding tab).
  • Click on the “Service as your brand" radio button.

  • Scroll down and type the name of the application sub-domain (This is  the name that your customers will see in the URL).
  • Correct Company on Call name if needed (used for IVR calls).
  • Provide your company’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions URLs.
  • Select one of the available skins.
  • Don’t forget to save the changes!

  • At the very bottom you will see the button "Upload Images" - click to upload your company logos
  • Once the image is uploaded, click on it and assign it to one of the placeholders. If you want to assign the same logo for different places, you will need to upload the image more than one time.

To see the branded application

In WEB: Click on the Sub-domain URL. A new tab with the updated logo will be opened.

From now on you can use it for signing in as administrator or interpreter, and provide this new URL to your clients.

In Mobile: Log in to InterpretManager app using Requestor login and password.

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