I didn’t allow access to the camera/mic and popup doesn’t appear anymore (Chrome)

Austen Brockman
Austen Brockman
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To reset your camera and microphone access for Chrome:

  1.       Open Chrome.
  2.       At the top right, click on 3 vertical dots, click on Settings.
  3.       Click "Privacy and Security" in the lefthand menu.
  4.       Click "Site Settings."
  5.       Scroll down to Permissions and select "Camera."
  6.       Find the website app.boostlingo.com and delete it by selecting the garbage can icon.
  7.       Do the same for the Microphone permission.
  8.       Close the Settings menu. Return to the Boostlingo application and make a call.
  9.       On the top left, a  Permissions pop-up should appear. Click Allow.

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