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Austen Brockman
Austen Brockman
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Using the new Routing Details Feature, you are able to view which interpreters were rung for a given call, how long the call rang for them, and if they declined the call. This information is available for calls in both Abandoned and Connected Status. 

Note: This list will only show internal interpreters who were rung, not BHub interpreters. 

Accessing Call Routing Details 

1. As an LSC Admin, navigate to Dashboard >Logs > On Demand.

 2. Click into a Call of Interest and then click on the Routing Details tab. 

Routing Details View 

The Routing Details view allows you to see: 

  • Name of each interpreter
  • Interpreter's ID number
  • Ring Duration: how long the interpreter was rung for the call  
  • Device type: Web or Mobile
  • Refused: is checked off if the interpreter declined the call  

You can use the search bar to search by interpreter's name, ID number, or email address. 


If a certain interpreter was not rung but you believe they should have been, you can check their Online/Offline times to see whether the interpreter was online at the time of the call. 

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