Virtual Backgrounds for VRI Calls

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Note: Virtual backgrounds are disabled by default. If you are an LSC admin and would like to enable this feature, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Note: Using a virtual background is only supported on Chromium browsers such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. It is not supported on Firefox or our Mobile Apps at this time. 

Configuring the background before the call 

To select a virtual background before the call begins, click on the settings wheel of the caller. Then select Virtual Backgrounds

This will generate a pop-up allowing you to select a Virtual Background for your VRI Calls. Click Save when you are satisfied with your selection. 

Configuring the background during the call

If you would like to turn on or change your virtual background during a call, click on the highlighted arrow next to the Camera icon: 

LSC Level Settings

As an LSC admin, you have the option to upload custom backgrounds, delete custom backgrounds, and enforce all interpreters to use the same background or the Blur effect. 

Virtual Background Settings

To configure Virtual Background settings, navigate to Configuration > Interpreters. Hover over the Virtual Background setting and click Edit


This will generate a pop-up containing the Virtual Background settings. 


If you Allow interpreters to choose from available backgrounds, you can still select a default that will generate for all users upon joining a VRI meeting. If you instead select Enforce selected background for all interpreters in your roster, all interpreters will have the same background during a VRI call, and will not have the option to change it. You cannot restrict the ability of requestors to choose their virtual background. 

You can also upload new background images by selecting Add Images. Any image that is added can later be deleted. Simply hover over the background you would like to delete and click the "X" that populates:  

Note: You cannot remove the default images from the list, only items that have been added by your LSC.

Audit Trail

Changes made to virtual background settings will appear in the Audit Trail


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