Screen Sharing on VRI Calls

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Note: Screen sharing is disabled by default. If you are an LSC admin and would like to enable this feature, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Note: Screen sharing is only supported on the desktop versions of Chromium based browsers like Google Chrome and Edge. It also does not support our mobile apps at this time. 

Sharing your screen during a VRI call

To share your screen on a VRI call, click on the Screen Sharing Icon: 

This will open the Screeen Sharing Options menu that is generated by Chrome. This will allow you to select either a Tab, entire Window, or Entire Screen. 


Once the user has started sharing a screen, they will not be able to see the other users; they will instead be able to see the view they are sharing with a Blue outline. To be able to see both, use multiple displays. 

In-Call Screen Sharing settings 

By default, the requestor is the only user who can share their screen. They are able to grant permissions to other users to share their screen by clicking the arrow next to the share screen icon.

This will open an options menu that will allow requestors to grant other users to share their screen: 

Note: Only one participant can share their screen at a time. By default, only the requestor can override another participant's screen share, but they can change this as well by toggling this setting to "All Participants". 

Ending a Screen Share

To stop sharing your screen, either click the screen sharing button again from the Boostlingo VRI caller, or click the Stop Sharing button in the Chrome screen share pop-up bar.

System Level Screen Sharing Settings 

By default, only the requestor will be able to share their screen on a VRI call or interrupt another participant's screen share with their own screen share. LSC Admins can change these settings by going to Configuration > Company> Calls. You can then toggle Screen Sharing Options and Screen Sharing Override Options between "Host Only" and "All Participants" by clicking the Edit button next to each option.






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