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Zones are a way to customize economic regions and are primarily used for organizations that have clients in different territories that require rates that are different from the system-level rates. Zones can also be used to group interpreters into a region/location to simplify assigning appointments.

Table of Contents: 

  1. Creating a Zone
  2. Zone Rates
  3. Using Zones in Appointments

Creating a Zone

  1. To establish a Zone, start by gathering all locations and regions needed for each account and enter them under Locations on the Info tab of the account viewer.Picture1.png
    • Note: all locations/regions MUST be put into an account even if it is repeated across many accounts. You can add interpreters to many regions/locations.


  2. Once all regions and locations are placed in the accounts, go Configuration > Company > Zones.Picture2.png
  3. Click Add Zone. In the Add Zone pop-up, name the Zone and optionally add a description.Picture3.png
  4. Click Create Zone.
  5. The zone name will now show in the list on the Zones tab. Click on the name to open the Zone Viewer and add locations.
  6. Click Add Locations.
  7. Click in the Locations box and select one or more locations from the list.
  8. Select at least one location, then click Add Chosen.
  9. To add a group of interpreters to the zone, go to the Interpreters tab of the Zone Viewer.
  10. Click Add Interpreters.
  11. Click in the Interpreters box and select one or more interpreters from the list.
  12. Select at least one interpreter, and then click Add Chosen.


Zone Rates

  1. To create a custom rate for a zone, go to the Rates tab of the Zone Viewer. On this page you can create specialized rate schedules (i.e. for weekends or holidays), as well as create rate overrides for Accounts and Interpreters attached to this zone.
  2. To create a rate override, select either Account or Interpreter from the menu on the left.
  3. Click into the rate you want to override.
  4. Check the Override box and then configure the new rate.
  5. Click Create Override.
  6. The rate will now be highlighted in red on the rate sheet.
  7. Repeat this process to create zone rates for all desired Account and Interpreter types.


Using Zones in Appointments

Once the zone is established, you will be able to filter available interpreters by zone when scheduling an appointment.

  1. Open the Overview tab of the Appointment Viewer for a new/unassigned appointment.
  2. Click +Add to add the interpreter and go to the Location Tab.
  3. Click the dropdown for Zone and select the desired item from the list.
  4. A list of available interpreters in that zone will now appear. Select the interpreter/s you want to Broadcast or Quick Schedule.

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