Accepting an Incoming Call (iOS)

Austen Brockman
Austen Brockman
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Accepting the Call 

When a call is received, the incoming call screen will appear. To answer the call, tap the Accept button at the bottom of the screen.

The call will connect and show both participants (Requestor on the top, Interpreter on the bottom) as well as:

  • Call duration
  • Service type
  • Language Pair

How to mute yourself

You can mute yourself by tapping the mic button to the left of the End Call button. 

Adding a Third Party

You can add a third party participant to a call, also called dialing out, by clicking on the plus sign in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen. This will open a calling window. You can change the Country code by clicking on the Flag icon in the caller. 
Note: this feature may not be available on some calls, as it is dependent on account settings determined by the Requestor's Administrator. 


Sending a Text 

You can send a text to the Requestor by clicking on the chat bubble icon. To return to the call screen from the chat window, click the X in the upper-right-hand corner. 


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