Additional Items on Invoices

Austen Brockman
Austen Brockman
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If you need to add an additional charge or credit on an invoice that is not tied to a specific call or appointment, such as a discount, you can do so using an Additional Item.

Adding Additional Items 

you are able to do so by clicking on the + Add Item button on the invoice viewer. 

Note: Only LSC admins can add additional items. 

This will generate a pop-up that will allow you to enter a Description, and amount, and whether you want to Add or Subtract this amount from the invoice total. Once you are happy with the additional item, click Save. 

Removing or Editing an Additional Item 

Once an additional item has been added, you can also Edit or Remove it: 


You can also view additional item actions under the invoice history. 

Mapping to Quickbooks

To configure Quickbooks mapping for additional items, navigate to Configuration > Company > Integrations > Quickbooks.

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