Requestors - Joining Scheduled OPI/VRI Appointment on Mobile

Austen Brockman
Austen Brockman
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On the App 

At the scheduled start time of an OPI or VRI appointment, first navigate to the Appointments section of the mobile app.

Note: an appointment can be joined up to 7 minutes prior to the start time


Under the Active tab, you will see the appointment that is either about to begin or is in progress. To join the appointment, tap the green Join button. this will initiate the call.



Using IVR 

To join a scheduled call using IVR, dial your usual IVR number and enter your PIN number. An automated message will alert you that you have a meeting in progress, and give you the option to enter the meeting code to join the meeting. 

The meeting code can be located in the web browser by opening the appointment, and looking at the meeting code below the Boostlingo logo: 

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