Gathering Console Logs

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Austen Brockman
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To further investigate certain issues, we will need to look at something called the "console logs" from the web browser. This is a running list of specific tasks happening within the browser and will show exactly what processes are failing and causing an issue.

Here is a video walking you through gathering console logs, with written instructions below. 

  1. OPEN THE CONSOLE - while holding the Ctrl and Shift keys, press J (Ctrl + Shift +J on Windows) or Option + ⌘ + J (on macOS).  Alternatively, right-click on the Boostlingo/Interpret Manager web page and select “Inspect."  Then, select the Console tab in the slide-out console window.




  1. TURN ON TIMESTAMPS - click the console settings gear at the top right of the console menu, then scroll down to the Console section and check the “Show timestamps” box.





*If you can't read the Settings menu because its running off screen, go back and drag the console's left border to make it larger. Start step 2 again.

  1. SAVE THE LOGS - Close the settings menu using the X at the top right. Then, right-click in the console window and select “Save As…” from the drop-down menu.





  1. Send the saved file to Boostlingo Support along with the Call ID or the date/time of the call as well as the time zone that the call took place in.

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