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To connect with an interpreter via a Zoom Virtual Meeting, you must first associate a requestor/client to a language pair and a service type. This is done  Once set, Boostlingo will generate a unique email address associated with those settings. Requestors invite this email address within their Zoom meeting, and Boostlingo will immediately route to an interpreter for the language configured and dial into your Zoom virtual meeting securely.

Important: You must be logged in to the Boostlingo platform as an LSC Administrator to make these adjustments.


1. Navigate to Configuration > Company > Customize > Routing > Zoom Configurations. Click Create Zoom Configuration Policy. 


2. Name your Zoom Policy and optionally, provide a description. Click Create Configuration Policy.

3. Within the Policy Viewer, Click Add New Configuration. 

4. Within the Zoom Configuration window, make the following selections:

  • The requestor's native language.
  • The language to be interpreted within the Zoom virtual meeting.
  • The Service Type to be used.
  • The requestor that will be joining the Zoom virtual meeting.
  • A descriptive first and last name, which will show up in the Contacts list associated with the e-mail address used to invite an interpreter to a Zoom meeting. 

Note: When naming the contact, it is suggested to enter the service type that will be used for the contact as well, such as “Spanish Business” as the first name and “Interpreter” as the last name. This helps to identify the correct contact from the contact list when inviting an interpreter to the Zoom virtual meeting.


6. Click Add.

7. Once you are satisfied with the configurations you have set up, you will need to add policy members in order for Requestors to be able to access Zoom interpreting. Navigate to the Policy Members tab and click Add Accounts. 

8. Add Accounts from the Dropdown list and click Add Chosen. All requestors on this account will now be able to add interpreters via Zoom for the configured language/service pairs. 


Once complete, simply invite this email address within your Zoom virtual meeting and Boostlingo will immediately route to an interpreter for the language configured and dial into your Zoom meeting securely.

Note: Email addresses configured for Zoom cannot be emailed directly. These addresses are no-reply accounts and simply help with routing.

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