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Admin/Interpreter On-Demand Training Calls

LSC Admins can now place calls on-demand to any online interpreter within their Boostlingo system.  This by-passes the need to log in as a requestor to reach an interpreter, and allows an Admin to contact interpreters through the system for training, to discuss an upcoming scheduled appointment, or at the beginning of their shift.

Please note: an interpreter must be ONLINE to receive an internal call.

To initiate an internal call, an Admin can navigate to the profile of the interpreter they would like to reach.  Near the top right, there is a Start Call button which will begin an internal on-demand call between the Admin and interpreter, either Audio or Video.

The interpreter will see an incoming call in their caller, including a message that this call is coming from their Admin.

For more information, an interpreter can click ‘Why you are receiving this?’ within the caller to learn more- the following popup will appear.

The caller will behave just like it does for interpreting sessions.  When the business of the call is complete, the interpreter or the Admin can end the call.  Chat is available during the call.

Internal Calls – In the Logs

Calls placed in this fashion will be placed under the “Internal” tab when viewing the call logs for an organization (On Demand, Scheduled, and In Person) as well as Interpreter or Admin call logs.  These logs can be viewed in the dashboard and can also be downloaded to CSV.

Internal call logs can be filtered by Interpreter, LSC Admin, Communication Type, Date Range, and includes a Search box for typing specific call ID.

Internal call logs will be available to all LSC Admins as well as for Interpreters in their own internal call logs.

Please keep in mind-

  • Interpreters must be available ONLINE In order for an Admin to call them with an internal call.
  • While an interpreter is participating in an internal call, they cannot receive a new incoming on-demand call.
  • Internal calls are not dependent on interpreter permissions. For example, an Admin can place a video call to an interpreter who does not have VRI permissions.
  • Internal calls are not invoiceable.

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