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Austen Brockman
Austen Brockman
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Some email notifications related to appointments will now include an iCal file.  This iCal file enables the invited parties to create or update an event directly on their digital calendar with a single step.  The calendar event will include important appointment details, including the time, location, description, and a link to the Boostlingo platform. 

The following email notifications will include an iCal link: 

  • Appointment Created:  add a new event to the user’s calendar 
  • Appointment Scheduled: add a new event to the user’s calendar 
  • Date/Time Changed: update an existing event on the user’s calendar (or create the event if it does not already exist) 
  • Appointment Canceled: remove the event to the user’s calendar 

The iCal file will appear as an attachment on the email notification as shown below.


Once the user opens the attachment, they will be prompted to confirm the event can be added to their calendar.  This feature is compatible with:

  • Outlook Calendar
  • Google Calendar
  • Apple Calendar
  • All web calendars that support the iCal file type.  

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