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Austen Brockman
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As an administrator, view the logs for On Demand, Scheduled, or In Person calls within the dashboard.  For more insight, download the logs to CSV files.

View the Logs

To view system-level logs, Navigate to Dashboard > Logs.


Toggle between On Demand, Scheduled, or In Person logs and use filters to refine your search.  The date range can be expanded to 3 calendar months at a time.


Note: Logs are also available per Account, Requestor, or Interpreter and can be viewed within an Account Viewer, Requestor Viewer, or Interpreter Viewer > Logs tab.

Download the Logs

From the Logs Tab, click the download symbol near the top right and select from the following options:

  • Download All Columns to CSV
  • Download Select Columns to CSV


Download All Columns to CSV

Choose the time zone and click Download CSV


Download Select Columns to CSV

Choose specific fields to include in the download by checking the box next to that field.  Click Advanced to select which time zone will be used in the CSV, then click Download CSV.


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