Meeting controls and in-call functionality

Austen Brockman
Austen Brockman
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  • At the top right corner of the conference window following actions are available:


    • mceclip1.png - Minimizing the conference window 
    • mceclip2.png - Opening and closing additional side panel with Participants list and Activity tab
    • mceclip3.png - Disable/Enable the camera toggle
    • mceclip4.png - Mute/Unmute the microphone
    • mceclip5.png - Enter/Exit full-screen mode
  • A host can send a candidate or other host to the waiting room at any time by clicking “…” next to the participants’ name -> “Send to Waiting”


  • The activity tab shows joining/leaving meeting actions with the timestamps and sent to the waiting room and re-admitting


  • Chat is available for all participants. Messages can be sent from the caller:


Note: chat logs are NOT exportable. When a user leaves and re-joins the meeting, previous chat history is no longer available.

  • All users can Leave and Join multiple times, this will not end the entire appointment. If there is a need to end the meeting prior to the scheduled end time, this can be done from the Appointment Viewer by clicking the “…” menu at the top right -> End button.
    • This option is available only when the appointment status is “In Progress”.


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