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Austen Brockman
Austen Brockman
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To view additional information around an appointment open the appointment viewer for the appointment and click on the activities tab. 


Many pieces of information are stored in the appointment history ranging from when individuals joined the meeting itself to changes made to the appointment.

Appointment history entries will include: 

  • Subject/action
  • Description
  • Timestamp
  • The user who made the change / took the action:


Types of Entries

Changes to appointment details

  • For Required Fields you will see all changes and who made them. 
  • For Option Fields you will see that something has been changed but no additional information.


Interpreter actions

accepted, declined, scheduled, etc.


Rate Changes for both the Account and interpreter


Appointment Status Changes

created, cancelled, etc


When meeting participants joined or left the meeting (once completed)


When notes are added


If you feel there is additional useful information that could be stored in appointment history that you are not seeing, please let your account manager know! We appreciate feedback and are happy to bring it to our product team for consideration.

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