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Announcements allow LSC Administrators to send Web or Push notifications to other roles in the system. Here is a quick video walking through creating an announcement with written instructions below: 


How to Create an Announcement

Navigate to Configuration > Company > Communications > Announcements. Select Create Announcement.


In the Announcement Creator:

  • Select Transport Type: Push, Web, or both.
  • Type a Headline (up to 30 characters) for the announcement.
  • Select which (Default) System Roles you would like to receive this notification.
  • Select which Custom Roles you would like to receive this notification.
  • Filter by Accounts if you wish to only notify specific Accounts. Otherwise, select All.
  • Type the Body (up to 178 characters) of the announcement.mceclip3.png

On the right-hand side, you will find a preview of the web notification and the number of targeted users. 


Select Send Test Announcement to see a real-time preview of the web notification:


Once satisfied with your announcement, click Send Announcement.

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