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Austen Brockman
Austen Brockman
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LSC Administrators can configure Global settings for interpreters to control access to features. These settings cannot be modified for individual interpreters.

Please note that any change in feature access will log all interpreters out of the platform and force them to log back into the application.

Here is a video walking through how to configure these settings, as well as written instructions and descriptions of the features below: 

To Configure Feature Access for Interpreters

  1. Navigate to Configuration>Interpreters.
  2. Click Edit in the Feature Access section.
  3. Toggle each feature to View, Manage, or None.
  4. Click Save to confirm the changes.


Feature Manage View None
Expenses Interpreter can add/edit/delete their expenses Read-only access to their expenses Can not see expenses section
Invoices Interpreter can create and manage their invoices Read-only access to the invoices created for them by an admin Can not see invoices module
Rates n/a Interpreter can view the rates that are applied to them Rates tab and rate-related information throughout the app is hidden for interpreter (Access to invoices needs to be restricted separately)
Notes Interpreter can send appointment notes to an admin Cannot send notes, but can view notes addressed to them by an admin Cannot see notes section in appointment viewer

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