Does Boostlingo provide translation services?

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Austen Brockman
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The short answer is that yes, Boostlingo does provide translation services! To request a translation, use this form on our website: Translation Services | Boostlingo

You can also add a link to access the Translation Request form to your Boostlingo web portal. 

Accessing Translations from your Web Portal 

Ask your Account Manager to add the Translations feature to your web portal. Once they have turned it on, you can see the Translation option added to the menu on the left-hand sidebar: 

Controlling Requestor Access 

You can control requestor access to the translations module at both the System Level and the Account level. By default, requestor access to the translations module is OFF. 

Enabling requestor access at the system level:

1. Navigate to Configuration > Accounts > Feature access and click the Edit button. 

2. From the pop-up menu, toggle the Translations option to On and click Save

Enabling requestor access at the Account level

1. Navigate into the Features tab of the Account Viewer for the Account for which you would like to turn the translations module on/off. 

2. Click on the Edit button to toggle Translations on or off. 

Using Roles to determine access

You can determine Translations access for both LSC admins and Requestor admins using role settings. 

To learn more about custom admin roles, refer to this article: Roles – Custom Roles.

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