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With Workstation Mode, it is easier than ever for users to share a single device while at the same time, showing which requestor placed each call. In Workstation Mode, users simply enter their PIN to place a call, without fully logging out and switching accounts.

Note: This feature is not yet available on Android.

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Accessing Workstation Mode on your Device

Open the Pull-Out Menu and tap Workstation Mode. 

Note: If you do not see Workstation Mode in the side menu, your LSC admin will need to grant you Workstation Mode permissions. Click here for more info. 

This will generate a pop-up that will allow you to enable Workstation Mode. Toggle on Auto-lock after each call if you would like to require users to re-enter their PIN before every call. 

Once Workstation Mode has been enabled, the app will open a screen prompting users to enter their PIN. 


Placing a Call in Workstation Mode

Once the PIN has been entered, users will be taken to the call screen with a Workstation Mode banner at the top: 

Users can then use the normal call flow to place a call.

Users can log out by opening the side panel and clicking Switch User. This will revert the app to prompting users for their PIN. 


Exiting Workstation Mode

To exit workstation mode, the administrator whose account is logged in must enter their PIN. They will be prompted to either place a call or Exit Workstation Mode: 

Additionally, the option to Exit Workstation Mode will be present on the side menu if the admin is logged in: 


Workstation Mode Permissions (For LSC Admins)

Root Requestor Admins will automatically have access to Workstation Mode. 

To grant other Requestor Admin roles access, change the Workstation Mode permission to Manage. For further instructions, refer to this article: Roles – Custom Roles – Boostlingo


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